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SBI will Block Net Banking by Nov 30 to Customers who Don't Do This

The State Bank of India (SBI) has asked its customers to register their mobile number with the bank by the end of this month, failing which their internet banking access will be blocked. According to a banner on the bank’s corporate website, the customers need to register their mobile numbers with the lender by November 30 if they want to keep using internet banking. “Please register your mobile number by November 30.2018, failing which your internet banking access may be deactivated/blocked with effect from December 1, 2018,” SBI said on its website.

The order has been issued in line with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) guidelines which make it compulsory for the commercial banks to ask their customers to mandatorily register for SMS alerts for electronic banking transactions.

A circular issued by the RBI in July 2017 stated that the banks may not offer facilities like electronic transactions, other than ATM cash withdrawals, to customers who do not provide mobile numbers. The SBI website adds that the customers can enjoy the service in an “uninterrupted” manner, by registering their mobile number with the bank.

How to register mobile number with SBI?
If the customers are yet to register their number with the State Bank of India, they can either do it by visiting the branch or through an ATM. To register the number through an ATM, follow these steps –

1. The customers need to swipe their card and choose the ‘Registration’ option.

2. Enter the ATM PIN.

3. Select the mobile number registration option.

4. Enter the number and select ‘correct’ option after re-checking the number.

5. Re-enter the number and select the ‘correct’ option.

6. A message will appear on the screen that reads – “Thank you for registering your mobile number with us”.

7. The bank will contact the customers within three days and a reference number will send to their mobile phone via SMS.

8. Verify personal details and the number will be registered with the bank.

The bank had reminded its customers to register the number earlier this year with a tweet. “Registration of mobile number for all SBI accounts is mandatory in order to avail of internet banking facilities and electronic transactions, other than ATM Cash Withdrawals,” it had tweeted.

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