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Changed Rules by The Government Which Applicable from 1 May

May 1 has changed many rules in the country. Whose information is to be an extremely important because not aware of the changed rules you can get into trouble. Safety as well as tell the impact of these changes we will have direct access to all of life.

Now will set daily price of petrol and diesel
Center has a big impact. Now the price of petrol and diesel in some cities went into effect policy change daily according to international values. Puducherry , Visakhapatnam , Udaipur , had its debut in Jamshedpur and Chandigarh. This policy will come into force across the country on the success meet. 

Forbidding the use of engaged red light May 1
Whether the prime minister or president or Supreme Court judges, all will not red lights on trains. Center has been the same rules for everyone in the whole country changed the rules. Now it will not red light on any vehicle.

Online PF withdrawals begin
Employees Provident Fund Organization has announced a facility of online PF withdrawals and pension assessment from May K This would PF withdrawal in a few hours and will avoid paperwork hassles.
Changed Rules by The Government Which Applicable from 1 May

Builder will not be arbitrary
May 1 Real Estate Act , 2016, would that be buyer King apply. Tips from the Act and the developers would have to win both conditions. The buyers , developers and will define the rights of real estate agents and obligations clearly and can make any demand for compensation in case of dissident party violations.

Favorite child will not be able to adopt
Couple or adoption can not choose a favorite child. But they have to accept the child to be given by the national body to facilitate adoption. However , the couple will have the right to reject the proposal.

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