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Delhi Government starts an incentive scheme Bill Banvao Inaam Pao

Whereas the Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi is of opinion that it is expedient in the interest of Revenue to introduce an award Scheme named as 'Bill Banvao, Inaam Pao'. 

The Department of Trade & Taxes, Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi is introducing an award scheme for the general public 'Bill Banvao, Inaam Pao'. The scheme would be for Bill/Cash Memo/Retail Invoice of purchases made from a registered dealer in Delhi. 

Modalities of the Scheme 
a) A bonafide purchaser, after getting the Bill/Cash Memo/Retail Invoice against the purchases, including that of eateries, from a registered dealer only, is eligible to participate in the scheme. The taxable value of the goods should not be less than Rs.100/-. 

b) The purchaser may upload the details of the Bill on the Department's website http://www.dvat.gov.in. OR they may take a snapshot of the Bill/Cash Memo/Retail Invoice and send it to the departments designated number through whatsapp mobile application. A unique ID would be generated against each bill so uploaded and sent to the customer as an SMS. 

c) The Bill/Cash Memo/Retail Invoice should contain the Registration Number (TIN) of the selling dealer besides the full name of each item, rate of tax charged against each and total sale value (excluding VAT). The bill is to be uploaded within 07 days of purchase to be eligible for the draw. 

d) The bonafide purchaser uploading the details of Bill/Cash Memo/Retail Invoice should mention his/her name and either of mobile number or email. 

e) The payments to the winners would be directly credited to the bank account of the purchaser after verification of the purchases from the sellers through ward VAT Inspector. 

f) A computerised draw of lots on the basis of the unique ID's will be held by the Department on the 15th of the succeeding month. If the 15th happens to be a holiday, then on the next subsequent working day. 

g) The number of awards per month shall be upto 1% of the number of entries received for the month i.e. if the number of entries is 50,000 then 500 prizes would be awarded.

h) The prize amount would be five times the taxable value of the goods purchased in the bill subject to a maximum of Rs.50,000. The value of exempted I tax free goods shall be deducted from the total bill. 
i) One person shall be eligible for one prize only during a month and the higher of the prize amount would be awarded. 

j) The scheme shall initially be launched for a year and shall be subject to periodic review. 

k) A Committee comprising of the following members shall finalise the draw: 
Commissioner, VAT, Government of NCT of Delhi or any other nominated officer (but not below the rank of Spl.Cornmissioner) Chairman 
Nominee of Principal Secretary (Finance), Govt. of NCT of Delhi Member 
Nominee of Secretary (IT), Government of NCT of Delhi Member 
Secretary of Sales Tax Bar Association or any other office bearer nominated by the President, Sales Tax Bar Association Member 

1) Terms & Conditions of the Scheme are as under:- 

1. The total minimum bill value acceptable would be > Rs.100/-(excluding VAT and value of tax free/exempted goods). 

2. The Bill/Cash Memo/Retail Invoice for taxable goods, purchased from a registered dealer of Delhi, should contain valid TIN. 

3. Customers having valid Bill/Cash Memo/Retail Invoice for the bonafide purchases are eligible.

4. All the participating purchasers should retain original Bill/Cash Memo/Retail Invoice in their custody till the prize amounts are credited to their bank accounts. 

5. Before releasing the prize money to the winner, the department shall get the concerned bills verified from the sales accounts of the selling dealers within 10 days of the draw. 

6. The prize money shall be transferred into the bank account given by the purchaser. 

7. Purchasers would need to fill in the following details: 
a) Name of Purchaser. 
b) TIN of seller. 
c) Bill / Invoice / Cash memo number with Book No. if any. 
d) Date of Purchase. 
e) Total Value of bill (excluding VAT and Exempted/tax free items). 
f) Bank A/c number along with the Bank's 1FSC Number. 
g) Mobile Number. 
h) Email id.

8. This Scheme shall not be applicable on purchases made against Tax Invoice i.e. by registered dealers who buy for resale and for Embassies/Organisations listed in the Sixth Schedule. 

9. The sale bills relating to purchases of motor vehicles, liquor, petrol, diesel, ATF,PNG,CNG, LPG and LPG cylinders are not eligible for participation in the scheme. 

10. The employees and their family members of the Department of Trade & Taxes are not eligible to participate in the scheme. 

11. The Department of Trade & Taxes reserves the right to withdraw the scheme at any time without assigning any reason. 

12. The decision of the Commissioner, VAT, Government of NCT of Delhi in any matter of the above scheme shall be the final. 

By order and in the name of the Lt. Governor of the National Capital Territory of Delhi, 
(S.F. SINGH) Special Secretary (Finance)

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