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Income tax rule on interest free or concessional loan by employer

Interest free or concessional loans [Rule 3(7)(i)]: It is common practice, particularly in financial institutions, to provide interest free or concessional loans to employees or any member of his household. The value of perquisite arising from such loans would be the excessof interest payable at prescribed interest rate over interest, if any, actually paid by the employee or any member of his household. 

The prescribed interest rate would now be the rate charged per annum by the State Bank of India as on the 1st day of the relevant financial year in respect of loans of same type and for the same purpose advanced by it to the general public. Perquisite value would be calculated on the basis of the maximum outstanding monthly balance method. For valuing perquisites under this rule, any other method of calculation and adjustment otherwise adopted by the employer shall not be relevant.

However,small loans up to Rs. 20,000/- in the aggregate are exempt. Loans for medical treatment of diseases specified in Rule 3A are also exempt, provided the amount of loan for medical reimbursement is not reimbursed under any medical insurance scheme. Where any medical insurance reimbursement is received, the perquisite value at the prescribed rate shall be charged from the date of reimbursement on the amount reimbursed, but not repaid against the outstanding loan taken specifically for this purpose.

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