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Basic wages for calculation of PF

Within a recent ruling that favours employees, the Delhi Hugh Court has widened the scope associated with basic wages to become included for Provident Pay for (PF) contribution. Beneath PF rules, contribution towards PF shall be calculated on fundamental wages, dearness allocated, retaining allowance in addition to cash value associated with any food concession.

Basic wages have been defined to suggest all cash emoluments, besides:
(a) Cash worth of any food concession;
(b) Almost any dearness allowance;
(c) House rent allowance, overtime allocated, bonus, presents; in addition to
(d) Commission or every other similar allowance.

The technique of ‘basic wages’ which PF contribution shall be calculated has been a debatable issue. The Supreme The courtroom has laid lower two tests to ascertain whether a component is in the definition of ‘basic wages’ or even not. These tend to be ‘test of universality’ in addition to ‘test of contingency’.

Implementing the test associated with universality, if a component is paid generally, necessarily and ordinarily to any or all employees of a business, the same is in the definition of fundamental wages. Applying this test of a contingency, if a portion is paid be subject to uncertain events similar to overtime payment, identical is excluded through the definition of fundamental wages.

On the basis of these checks, the Delhi Substantial Court recently held that canteen allowance paid to any or all permanent employees would be in the definition of fundamental wages. The Delhi Substantial Court also ignored the argument taken with the company that canteen allocated falls under ‘any different similar allowance’, which is excluded from madness of basic income. This highlights another concern about what constitutes ‘commission or every other similar allowance’, which is excluded through the definition of fundamental wages — whether or not the term ‘any different similar allowance’ needs to be read along having ‘commission’ or independently.

The industry could well be keen to please take a view that ‘any other allowance’ is extremely wide in opportunity and, thus, various cash allowances may are categorized as it and get excluded through the definition of ‘basic wages’. However, the PF authorities manage to take a see that both these terms can be read together. This might narrow the opportunity.

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  1. With a decided UNCERTAINTY in the MEANING and COMPUTATION of BASIC WAGES for PF Employers will be under more and more stress for BACKLOGS of dues raised by PF Authorities.
    What the hell is the PF AUTHORITY upto?

  2. According to one literate in PF Matters this Judgement is nothing but Parading one's Ignorance