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Procedure and guidelines for importing gold and gold dore bars

Custom department issued a circular no. 34/2013 dated 4 September 2013 about importing of gold and gold dore bars. Full circular is as under.

 Reference is invited to Board's Circular No. 28/2009 dated 14.10.2009 regarding procedure to be followed by the Nominated Agencies for supplying duty free gold to exporters. RBI has now issued fresh guidelines for import of gold and gold dore bars vide circular RBI/2013-14/187, AP (DIR Series) Circular No. 25 dated 14.8.2013, as revised (copy enclosed). In order to operationalize the same, the following procedure shall be followed for import of gold. This circular shall supersede the customs circular no. 28/2009-Cus dated 14.10.2009 insofar as the import of gold is concerned. The import of silver and platinum shall continue to be governed by the customs circular dated 14.10.2009.

2.         Henceforth, gold shall be permitted to be imported only by the agencies notified by DGFT, which as of now are as follows:
                      i.        Metals and Minerals Trading Corporation limited (MMTC);

                     ii.        Handicraft and Handloom Export Corporation (HHEC);

                    iii.        State Trading Corporation (STC);

                    iv.        Project and Equipment Corporation of India Ltd. (PEC);

                     v.        STCL Ltd;

                    vi.        MSTC Ltd;

                   vii.        Diamond India Limited (DIL);

                  viii.        Gems & Jewellery Export Promotion Council (G&J EPC);

                    ix.        A Star Trading House (only for Gems & Jewellery sector) or a Premier Trading House under paragraph 3.10.2 of Foreign Trade Policy; and

                     x.        Any other agency authorized by Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

3.         Import of gold by the banks/agencies/entities specified in para 2 above, henceforth referred to as Nominated Agencies for the purpose of this Circular, shall be subject to the following:
a.         Import of gold in the form of coins and medallions is prohibited.

b.        It shall be incumbent on the nominated banks/agencies/entities to ensure that at least one fifth, i.e., 20%, of every lot of import of gold imported to the country is exclusively made available for the purpose of exports and the balance for domestic use. A working example of the operations of the 20/80 scheme is given in the Annexure to the RBI Circular dated 14.8.2013, as revised.

c.         Entities/units in the SEZ and EOUs, Premier and Star Trading Houses shall be permitted to import gold exclusively for the purpose of exports only and these entities shall not be permitted to clear imported gold for any purpose other than for exports (irrespective of whether they are nominated agencies or not).

d.        Gold made available by a nominated agency to units in the SEZ and EoUs, Premier and Star Trading Houses shall not qualify as supply of gold to the exporters, for the purpose of the 20/80 Scheme;

e.         Gold imported against any authorization such as Advance Authorization/Duty Free Import Authorization (DFIA) shall be utilized for export purposes only and no diversion for domestic use shall be permitted.

Full circular
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