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Download latest Return preparation utility RPU 3.7 for e-tds statements

Tin.nsdl has launched latest return preparation utility software version 3.7 for e-tds/tcs statements. This latest version RPU 3.7 prepares regular and corrective statements pertaining to financial year 2013-14 and onwards. New version of RPU 3.7 has many new features which are as follows.

Two new fields as below have been added for regular TDS/TCS statements pertaining to all financial years:

1) Has regular statement for Form XXXQ filed for earlier period – Here deductors are required to select from the drop down, ‘Yes’ if regular statement for Form 24Q or 26Q, 27Q or 27EQ (as applicable) has been filed earlier, otherwise ‘No’ value to be selected.

2) Receipt No. of earlier statement filed for Form (24Q/26Q/27Q/27EQ) – In this field deductors who have filed regular statement earlier period (for the said Form no.)  are required to mandatorily quote 15 digit provisional receipt number of immediate previous TDS/TCS statement filed.

New section code 194LD (i.e. 4LD in RPU) has been incorporated in RPU 3.7 for Form 27Q. This Section code will be applicable for regular and correction statements pertaining to FY 2013-14 onwards.

Update allowed for Provisionally booked Transfer voucher: Provisionally booked transfer vouchers are also allowed to update on fields ‘Form 24G receipt No.’, ‘Date on which tax deposited’ and ‘DDO/Transfer Voucher Serial No.’. 

Incorporation of latest FVU Version 4.0 and 2.136.
Download latest rpu version 3.7
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