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Download latest file validation utility FVU 4.0 e-TDS software

Tin.nsdl has launched latest FVU( File validation utility) version 4.0 for preparing e-TDS/TCS quarterly statements. FVU version 4.0 will be mandatory from 1 October 2013. Up to 30 September both FVU version 3.9 and 4.0 are applicable. There are many new features in new version of FVU 4.0 which are as follows.

Change in validation of Section code 194LC:

o Section code 194LC will be applicable only for deductor category (as per the statement) “Company” and “Branch of Company”.

o This validation will apply for regular and correction statements.

Incorporation of new section code 194LD: This Section code will be applicable for:

o Regular and correction statements pertaining to FY 2013-14 and onwards.

o Statement pertaining to Form no. 27Q.

Nil challans/transfer vouchers with deductee record: Validation as below will be applicable:

o Nil challans/transfer vouchers need to mandatorily have deductee records.

o In deductee records, flag in the remarks for lower or non-deduction should be “A”, “B”, “Y”, “S”, “T” or “Z” (as applicable).

o This validation will apply for regular and correction statements.

Last provisional receipt number to be quoted in regular TDS/TCS statements: Deductors are require to mandatorily quote the last accepted provisional receipt number of the regular quarterly TDS/TCS statement. 

Date of deposit of Non-nil Challan: Validation for Date of deposit of non-nil challan has been relaxed. This date can pertain to immediate previous financial year of the statement.

FVU version 3.9 and 4.0 are applicable upto September 30, 2013. Further, FVU version 4.0 would be mandatory from October 01, 2013.
Download latest version of FVU version 4.0
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