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Cash payment for petrol/diesel in remote area excess of 20000 is allowed

IT: Where assessee made cash payment for purchase of petrol in excess of Rs. 20,000 at a petrol pump which was far away from main town, Tribunal rightly concluded that it was not feasible to make payment by way of cheque or demand draft and, therefore, impugned disallowance made under section 40A(3) was not sustainable

IT: Where due to heavy workload and pressure to complete work in time, assessee had engaged more than ten persons on contract and payments made to each person without deducting tax at source did not exceed a sum of Rs. 50,000, Tribunal was justified in deleting disallowance made by Assessing Officer under section 40(a)(ia)

IT: Where appellate authorities having noticed that sub-contractor appointed by assessee left work without completing it, recorded a finding that if there was any doubt with regard to genuineness of transactions, Assessing Officer could have made further inquiry and since same was not done, impugned disallowance made under section 40(a)(ia) was not sustainable, said finding being a finding of fact, no substantial question of law arose therefrom

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