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Income tax return form ITR1, ITR 2, ITR3, ITR 4S SUGAM in excel A Y 2013-14

Income tax department issued ITR-1(SAHAJ), ITR-2, ITR3, and ITR 4S(SUGAM) forms in excel format for the assessment year 2013-14. These forms are used for filing income tax return as assessee are differentiate with the type of income earned and they need to fill different type of income tax return form for filing income tax return. These forms are used by these assesee.

This form is used by the assessee having income from salary/pension, income from house property and income from other sources excluding winning lottery and horse race.

Download itr-1 assessment year 2013-14 in excel

This form is used by indivial or HUF having income from income from salary/pension, house p[roperty, capital gains or income from other souces including winning lottery and horse race.
Download ITR-2 assessment year 2013-14 in excel.

This itr-3 income tax return form is used by partners in partnership firms
Download ITR-3 assessment year 2013-14 in excel

Preassumed income
Download SUGAM form in excel for assessment year 2013-14
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