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Download latest file validation utility FVU 3.8 e-TDS software

Tin.nsdl has launched latest file validation utility FVU version 3.8 e-TDS software. This software FVU 3.8 is used to prepare e-TDS/TCS quarterly statements. The latest version of FVU 3.5 is applicable from 1 July 2013. There are many new key features of this new FVU 3.8 which are as follows.
 - Addition/ deactivation of fields Change in quarterly TDS/TCS statement pertaining to FY 2013-14 onwards as below:

1- Alternate contact details like e-mail and contact no. of the deductor and responsible person may be provided.

2- Quoting of TAN registration no. (if any) as provided by TIN.

3- Minor head code is to be provided in challan details for tax deposited through challan.

4- Late fee is to be provided in challan details applicable from FY 2012-13 onwards.

5- No details to be provided for cheque no. and section code in the challan details.

6- Section code to be provided in deductee/collectee details.

7- Introduction of new section code Form no. 24Q: Section 92C has been added which is applicable in case payment is made to Union Govt. employees.

8- Section 194I has been bifurcated as below:
 Select value 4IA from the section code drop down where tax has been deducted under section 194I (a)  Select value 4IB from the section code drop down where tax has been deducted under section 194I (b)

9- Lower/ No deduction certificate no. to be provided in the deductee details.

10- In the annual salary details (24Q, Q4 – Annexure II) break up to be provided for the salary paid and the tax deducted by the current employer and previous employer during the current Financial Year.

11- Introduction of fields for quoting foreign remittance details in Form no. 27Q as below:
 Nature of remittance
  Whether TDS rate of TDS is IT act (a) and DTAA (b)
  Unique acknowledgement of the corresponding form no 15CA (if available)
  Country to which remittance is made

12- Introduction of value “Z” in the field Remarks for lower or no deduction. Applicable in case of no deduction on account of payment under section 197A (1F).

13- In the annual salary details (24Q Q4 – Annexure II) records to be highlighted whether the tax has been deducted at higher rate.

- Quarterly TDS/TCS statement (regular and correction) can be filed only for FY 2007-08 onwards. - Discontinuation of “Y” type of correction statement.

- RPU version 3.5 is applicable w.e.f 01/07/2013.

 Download latest version of FVU 3.8
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