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How to check employees provident fund EPF balance

In the employees provident fund, the employee deduct the fixed amount from his salary every month and contribute to provident fund and employer needs to do it the same. The amount in the provident fund account get the interest too which is decided by the finance department every year. 

How to check the Employee Provident fund account balance?
Employee provident fund organization website(EPFO) offers online services to the account holder. One need to go on epfindia.com/Membal.html to check the account balance of their account. One needs to provide fill things to access his account which are as under.

- First one needs to select state from drop down menu.
- Then one needs to click office name from the option given in blue link.
- Then one needs to submit the account number of provident fund account. If there is no extension number, left the space blank.
- One needs to enter the name same as in the records of EPF.
- One needs to enter the mobile number and the information about the account like account balance and last updation will be sent on mobile with a sms.

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