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Now ATM will only be in police stations

There are many complaints of robbing inside the ATM as well as outside. Many ATMs in India are without the security guards and the robbery incidents tend to increase day by day.
Gujarat state proposed the solution of this. According to this proposal ATM should be inside the police station with which there will close looks of policeman to the unwanted activity and people will feel safe while dispensing money from the Automatic teller machine.
Reserve bank of India also gave clearance to this move. According to Gujarat state, there are 1200 police station in which 300 in urban areas in which ATMs can easily loaded and there will be safe and in public interest too.

But banks needs air cooled, CCTV cameras, furniture and other facilities in ATM whereas these facilities are hard to find in police stations. Banks are ready to pay for a security guard in return.
Let’s see how much this move will be successful.

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