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Now portability is LPG Gas cylinders

After seeing the portability in mobile, Government of India announced a scheme which offers portability in LPG gas cylinders.

LPG GAS cylinder portability is in the initial stage which is launched on Friday 11 JANUARY 2013 in the beautiful city of Chandigarh only by the Natural gas minister Mr. Veerappa Moily.

There are three companies in India which offer LPG gas connection which are.

The government has targeted to launch the Gas cylinder portability in 25 districts in 2013.

This portability means if one is not satisfied by the gas distributor, he can change the gas distributor of the same company at other palace.

This is the must thing in the matter of gas distributor as many gas distributors’ plays with the time of the consumer and often busy in black marketing.

In black market, the LPG gas cylinder prices rise from 600-700 Rs. to 1100-1200 rs. After government launch of supply 6 subsidy gas cylinders only in a month.

In the second phase of Gas portability the government will offer the choice in which one can change Gas Company with the LPG gas cylinders if one is not satisfied with the services company is offering.

This will definitely increases the competition among gas distributors as well as company to provide good service to the consumers.

Government also launched Lakshya project in which the consumer can book the gas cylinders online, lodge a complaint against gas distributor and rate distributor.
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