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Loan EMI and amortisation calander

This is the world of EMI(Equal monthly installments). Almost everyone need to pay the EMI for the loan taken for anything. The market is also changed after the launching of EMI as public have more real money in hands now to purchase goodThis i good for market, financial institutes as well as for public too as they easily can afford the goods now on EMI. 

But one should remember paying EMI at time as well as have the loan amortisation schedule to know how much one i paying the interest amount and how much the principal. EMI consists of both the interest and principal and one must know what he is paying.

This is an excel based loan EMI and amortisation schedule for the loan. One need to put these figures in the calculator and all things will be automatically cal;culated. The required fields are.

Loan amount
Rate of interest
Date of Loan
So this calculator will be very beneficial to whom has taken the loan.

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