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Aadhar card needed for property or marriage registration

In Delhi, if one want to register property or marriage, one need to have an Aadhar card or enrolment slip of Aadhar card which means you have applied for it. Department of revenue started this step making Aadhar card or enrolment slip necessary for all its 20 services in Delhi.

In the services registration of property, marriage, domicile SC/ST certificates includes.

No previous notice
The applicants don’t know about the new rule and who visit to the offices of the deputy commissioners on 1 January felt cheated and shocked to hear about the new rule. There are almost 25% of the population in the capital, Delhi, who haven’t applied for Aadhar card and many of them who have applied, are yet to receive the card.

According to revenue secretary Mr. Dharampal, all the services which are offered by the revenue department need Aadhar card or enrolment slip for getting any one of the service from January 2013. If the applicant hasn’t Aadhar card or enrolment slip, the department will not get the facility.

The authority will get stricter in coming months. According to the department, a person must furnish the UID number after furnished the enrolment slip in six month. All those case will be rejected if the UID card will not produce in six months.
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