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Single document and no introduction required for opening a bank account

According to Reserve bank of India, one document is enough for address proof as well as id proof if the document has the same address which is filled in the account opening form.  The documents may be passport, voter ID card, Aadhar card, driving license etc.
Banks ask for the separate address and id proof for opening an account. They have even published the documents valid for address proof as well as id proof. Banks ask for one documents required for id and one in address proof for opening a bank account.
Reserve bank of India single documentation procedure will ease the customers who are willing to open a new bank account. RBI says the single document can fulfill the KYC norms if the address is same as present and required for opening an account
So far, banks have been calling for separate documents for verification of identity and address even though the documents for identity proof (Passport, PAN Card, Drivers’ License etc.) also carry the address of the individual concerned. This was to comply with their obligation under the Prevention of Money Laundering (PML) Act, 2002.
The RBI has also done away with the requirement of introduction from an existing customer of the bank for opening of bank accounts.
Since introduction is not necessary for opening of accounts under PML Act and Rules or Reserve Bank’s extant KYC instructions, banks should not insist on introduction for opening bank accounts of customers, the central bank said.
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