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Seven rules which Vodafone employees must follow

Vodafone Company starts 7 golden rules which Vodafone employees must follow to retain the job and not being fired by the company. These rules are related to public health and safety and not connection with the actual work.

Vodafone started these rules recently and 3 employees have been fired for drunken drive and some got the warnings. This is the follow of foreign companies which motivate the employees as well as people to follow the rules and live and make live others.

The seven rules which Vodafone employee must follow are as follows.
1- Always wear helmet while riding or back riding.
2- Always wear seat belts while driving or on conductor seat and be ensure other wear too.
3- Never try to exceed the speed limit.
4- No use of mobile phone while driving or riding.
5- No driving with alcohol or with any such drug which may influence driver performance.
6- Electric work should be done by the technical.
7- Using of suitable protective equipment’s when working in heights.

Guard and watchman should look this matter and report it if anybody found guilty breaking any rule. This code will apply not only to employees during office work/hours, but also to their personal lives.

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