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Opinion poll for Gujarat assembly elections 2012

Gujarat assembly elections are going to be held in this month, December 2012. The election will be in two phases.
13 December 2012
17 December 2012
The result will come on 20 December 2012.

There are 182 assembly seats in Gujarat where the election will be done in two phases. There are two main parties in the contest, Congress and BJP where some small parties JDU and Keshubhai patel GPP also in the contest. This is the election on which everybody has an eye. The reason is that Mr. Narender Bhai Modi has his style for campaigning as well as woos voters. There is a dream of congress to get Gujarat by hook or crook. Congress has not any big leader in Gujarat and also struggling with inner- conflicts about ticket distribution.

This is the opinion polls for Gujarat assembly elections 2012
BJP- 130
Congress- 48
Others -4
Total 182

This is going to be biggest victory for BJP as the voters will vote on development as corruption free government. There is no anti-incumbency in the state at all. Everybody has small height compare to Mr. Modi in the state.
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