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New LPG gas connections now open in 11 states

Public sector oil marketing companies has started the facility of availing new LPG gas connections in seven new states which are as under.
- Jammu and Kashmir
- Manipur
- Punjab
- Himachal Pradesh
- Jharkhand
- Tripura
- Pondicherry

Earlier the oil marketing companies have stopped releasing of new LPG gas connection through out the country in sack of duplicate connections and getting the KYC forms from the customers. However in 4 states, issuing new LPG connection already started in mid-November which are as under.
- Meghalaya
- Sikkim
- Nagaland
- Andaman and Nicobar Islands

So in these 11 states new connection will be issued by oil marketing companies to the consumers who already apply for new LPG connection till October 15. Three oil marketing companies such as Indian oil corporation, Bharat petroleum corporation and Hindustan petroleum corporation are in a position to issue new LPG gas connection to the people resides in these 11 states. The other state resident need to wait more for availing new LPG gas connection.

For getting the KYC forms and KYC rule on LPG gas connection click here.
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