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Last date for filling KYC form for LPG gas cylinders extended

The last date for filling the KYC forms for LPG gas cylinders has been extended to 31 December. The government is running the KYC rule in gas cylinders from almost 2 months for tackle the fraud connections of LPG as government needs to pay a heavy subsidy on these cylinders.

Earlier government also extended the last date from 30-11-2012 to 15-11-2012. Now it is extended up to 31 December 2012.

There is also a problem of multiple connections with same address of different names. Government notices that the connection numbers are almost 2 crore which have same address and different names.

Government wants one household, one connection policy and appeal to people to give up the additional connections.

In the case where two connections are with the husband and wife name, the company will close one of its connection and where two or three families staying in same address like one family of father and another of son’s, in this case distributors are collecting the KYC forms to check the genuinely of the connection.

The consumer will only get 3 more LPG subsidy gas cylinders in the remaining fiscal year which will be end on 31 March 2012. After which the consumer will only get 6 subsidy LPG gas cylinders throughout the year. There is no restriction on non-subsidies LPG gas cylinders.

For getting the KYC forms of different gas agency and know more about KYC rule on gas cylinders click here.
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