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Free roaming and pan India number portability in March

The day is not far when there will be no roaming charges on mobile. The telecom department has set three months’ time frame for implementing the free roaming service across the country and waive roaming charges. The department also implementing a pan India mobile number portability which also going to be in force in March as per telecom official said.

The telecom department has not set a time frame for implementing no roaming charges feature for mobile industry. But as per moving, it may be implemented in three months. Once the roaming charges will waive, the consumers needn’t pay any incoming charges on mobiles when they are out of the state. Also the outgoing rate will be same as in domestic circle.

Now consumer pays Rs. 1 per minute for incoming and 1.5 per minute on outgoing while roaming to other state. Also they need to pay Rs. 1.5 for SMS while on roam.
But the big question for telecom industry and TRAI is that before giving gift of free roaming to consumers, they need to implement pan India number portability and interconnection to facilitate free roaming charges.

What is Pan India number portability?
It’s a kind of number portability in which one can retain his old mobile number while permanent shifting to other state. Now only number portability is activated in same circle only. Like one can port his number in his state only not to other state. Pan India gives more options to the consumers specially those who are in service and often face transfers one state to another.
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