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Now B2 saving account with zero minimum balance

This is the world of digitization. Everybody wants to save his time with doing transactions on internet, neither go to branches nor ATM. ICICI bank starts a new saving account which has the name B2. In this new saving account, there is no minimum balance requirement as well as opening account cost is also zero. Its all about digital banking in which the accountholder has limited access to the bank. One need to use the internet to do the transactions as well as opening a fixed deposit or apply for credit card. The features of B2 banking are as follows.

  • Zero minimum balance requirement.
  • No cheque book 
  • No passbook
  • NO ATM card
  • Limited access to branch
  • No hidden charges
  • Bank will offer higher rate of interest on B2 saving account.
  • Online balance transfer
  • Online mobile recharge
  • All the transaction one can do which one can do online.
  • Online help/Chat facility
  • One can apply credit card online
  • One can apply for fixed deposit or recurring deposit online
  • Virtual e-wallet
This is the starting did by ICICI bank. Other banks will follow soon and the day will not far when the queue in the banks will be less or no queue at all and the banks will past on the profits from the less staff to customers. 

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