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Excel based saving target calculator

We often think about the money we need after that time and for this ready to do saving and investment. But it’s hard to find as in how many years, one can reach to the desired amount with the same amount saved every month. So this calculation is must for adjusting the monthly saving as one need to have the desired amount in any way. So this is an excel based crorepati calculator which tell you that in how many years and months the desired amount will be reached with the same monthly investment.

The features of this calculator are as follows.
  •      It’s an excel based calculator.
  •      One need to submit the monthly investment, rate of interest and desired amount and it will automatically calculate the time to reach the desired amount.
  •      Colorful presentation.
  •       Available for download.
  •       For feeds readers, it’s available to free download for 2 days.

So download calculator.
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