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6th Pay commission calculator for all pay bands

There are so many calculators for 6th pay scale but for different pay scales & there is a feeling of getting one calculator which should be excel based and should be all in one. So there is a 6th pay commision callculator all in one excel based for all Pay Bands under All Old Scales, excepting Apex Scale and Cabinet Secretary. Computation of Arrears and Income Tax as per Approved Recommendations of the 6th Pay Commission.
It will calculate all your pay scale related to salary as well as all the allowances which should be in the 6th pay scale.It's a revised calculator 13th time and a must useful for all.

For the central government employee the salary band of 6th commision is implemented 2 years ago in which all the salry holder will get the benefits of 6th pay commision. But calculating all the benefit such as TD, DA, Pension, ESIC, PF, and all the incentives calculation will be very tough as it creates lot of energy as well as time. So if you want to download the excel based utility
Download calculator
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