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Revised Form 49A and 49AA for PAN application form

Income tax department has revised new PAN application form 49A and 49AA. Earlier, income tax department has changed the forms to 49A and 49AA. Now some amendments are made in these forms which will be effect from 8 April 2012. Now for applying for Permanent account number(PAN) one needs to fill these forms and submit to tin.nsdl.

Form 49A:- Form 49A is to be filled by the applicants who are citizen of India. They need to apply in form 49A with Application for allotment of new PAN head in revised form 49A only.

Form 49AA:- Form 49AA is to be filled by the applicants who are not the citizen of India. They need to fill Form 49AA with application for allotment of new PAN in newly notified form 49AA only.

The fees for obtaining the PAN(Permanent account number) has also been revised whereas the PAN dispatch with in India will cost 96 and PAN dispatch outside India will cost 962. These rates are applicable from 1-April 2012.

The newly revised form 49A and newly notified form 49AA will be available soon in this site. Stay in touch and subscribe for more updates.
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