Mar 30, 2012

New income tax forms for assessment year 2012-13

Income tax department has issued new income tax return form for the assessment year 2012-13. These form are used to filing the income tax return for assessment year 2012-13 and the financial year 2013-14. Income tax department issued new forms which are as follows.

These forms are to be filled by the diferent types of assessee. The full form wise assessee list is as under.

ITR-1:- Assessee who the income from salary, individual or HUF

ITR-2:- Individual or HUF assessee who has any source of income except income from business or profession.

ITR-3:- Individual or HUF in partnership.

SUGAM:- Presumptive business income tax return. 

ITR4:- Individual or HUF having income from business or profession.

ITR-5:- Income tax return form for firms, BOI, AOP and artificial jurisdiction person.
So download new income tax return form from here
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