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Excel calculators for all financial calculations

In now a days it's necessary to calculate all the things to get a good amount of money in hands. So calculator gives us a very easy to calculate the things. But only only a hand calculator will do all the things you are looking for. There are some excel based calculators which will be very vital for the persons who like to calculate everything of their need. So look on these calculator and find out what you were looking for.

Fixed deposit(FDR) Calculator: Fixed deposit is the common investment for all the people around the world. But to calculate the maturity amount is hard. Download calculator

Interest on saving account: - in India bank gives interest on saving account .DOWNLOAD calculator.

Income tax calculator for Financial Year 2017-18

7th pay Scale Commission Calculator

Long term capital gain after base year changed

Mutual fund calculator:- DOWNLOAD calculator

Gratuity calculator: - DOWNLOAD gratuity calculator as how much one get the gratuity amount after his retirement.

House rent allowance calculator: - DOWNLOAD HRA calculator as what one can claim the exemption of house rent allowance in a financial year.

Salary calculator: - in a firm where more than 20 members work, it’s a bit complex to calculate the salary as well as overtime of the workers. So there is a complete solution. DOWNLOAD calculator.

Employees Provident Fund calculator:- DOWNLOAD employees provident fund calculator as what amount they need to pay every month and what amount should the employer need to pay. And what amount they are getting after the maturity.

Kisan Vikas Patra calculator: - many of us invest in KVP which gives higher rate of interest as well as 100% secure money. What you will get after the maturity will tell this CALCULATOR.

Public Provident Fund calculator: - provident fund is the main source of investment for many of us. It will tell all about your investment and the return you will get in investing to Public provident fund. DOWNLOAD this calculator for your need.

Interest on drawings: - in ant business, the shareholder draws the money from the business, which called drawings. In some concern there is a rule to put interest on drawings. DOWNLOAD calculator.

TDS on salary: - if you are salaried you must know about tax deduction at source. The salary is deducted at source of income tax and the remaining amount will be paid to us. What should be the deducted amount and all about the tax deduction at source on the salary will tell this CALCULATOR.

Income tax calculator for salaried person: - special calculator of income tax to the salaried person. DOWNLOAD.

Refinance loan calculator: - if we take a loan, and found it is costing too heavy. People often choose to refinance the loan. Calculate this is beneficial or not with this calculator.

Construction cost calculator: - now a day’s construction of anything is very costly. One need to calculate all the expenses for the construction. DOWNLOAD calculator.

LOAN TENURE, EMI AND INTERST RATE CALCULATOR: - it will calculate all these three things in a calculation. DOWNLOAD calculator.

Wealth tax calculator: - wealth tax is a tax which is put on the net worth of a person. To calculate the net worth of a person simply DOWNLOAD this calculator.

Loan EMI calculator: - loan is divided so much around the world that very few persons are saved from the problem of paying equal monthly installments (EMI). To calculate the real amount of loan EMI of your loan simply DOWNLOAD this calculator.

VAT Calculator: - in India almost every state charges Value added tax (VAT) on the purchase or sale of goods. DOWNLOAD this calculator.

Advance tax calculator: - in income tax in India people need to pay the taxes in advance. It means instead of paying taxes after the completion of assessment year, they need to pay tax in regular intervals in the form of advance tax. DOWNLOAD advance tax calculator.

National Saving Certificate Calculator: - People often invest in NSC. Download calculator for the NSC as what they will pay after the maturity.

Income tax calculator: -DOWNLOAD income tax calculator.
Committee calculator: - people often invest in committees where the local form of investment in India are. Download committee calculator.

Section 89(1) relief calculator:- DOWNLOAD

Import duty calculator: - import and export is very vital business now days. So there is a calculator for your need which will tell the duty amount of import of your goods.

Post office investment: - people invest in the post office scheme. Download calculator for post office.
Systematic Investment plan calculator:- this calculator will tell you the benefits of investing systematically instead of investing all the money in lump sum. Download Calculator

STD code convertor to std code to city name and city name to std code.

Age calculator in excel

Interest on cash credit account calculator

Systematic investment calculator

Banking Calculators GST

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