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Systematic Investment Plan is the best investment way to enter in the share market or in the mutual fund. Systematic investment plan is the investing in the market in the regular interval instead of investing lump sum money at a point of time. This means investing 1000 rs. monthly for a year investing 12000 rupees at a point of time. This will reduce the chances of huge loss in the share market or else where.

What is difference between lump sum and SIP:- Suppose one invests all the money at a time, and market in recession mode, he will get huge loss whether investing every month gets more units of share/investment in the recession mode and reduces a lot of huge loss.

How to invest SIP:- The plan is simple, plan your budget and divided it into 12 for a year or any other way like in a fortnight or something like. If market rises, invest less. If market is down , invest more.

So there is some confusion as how much the amount we will get in monthly investment or something. There is an example, like one investing monthly in recurring deposit or mutual funds, how much one will get.

So there is an excel based calculator online as well as for Download.

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