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Using ATM of other bank will charge more from today, 1 july 2011 as the banks will charge minimum of 20 rupees per non financial transaction like balance enquiry and change the PIN. The new rule will come into effect from today when the free transaction to the other bank ATM are limited to five.

Earlier the free financial transactions from other's bank ATM were five but one can do as many as he likes non financial transactions from other bank ATM. But now non financial transactions like checking the account balance are also limited to five,beyond this one need to pay 20 rupees per non financial transaction to the bank.

ATM are now a days a used to thing, without which, it hards to imagine. But one need to cover a lot of distance to go to his ATM and moreover it's not guaranteed it is working or not. So whats bad if we go to other bank ATM and do the transactions. But the banks are worried about it. This will increase the habit of taking money into the pockets instead of depositing into the banks, the main difference between saving and investment, by which we Indians are behind in this global world.
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