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Income tax department has issued two new forms name as SUGAM and SAHAJ. These forms are for ITR1 for SAHAJ and ITR 4S for SUGAM. Income tax department also issued some printing instruction of these forms as after applying these instructions only, these forms will be accepted. The printing instructions of sahaj and sugam forms are as under.

1- As you can see in the pictures below, the forms are in color and not in black. So you need to give the color printing command for printing these forms as the black ink forms will not be accepted.
2- The size of paper is also matters. All these forms need to be on A4 paper which we generally use for printing.
3- The paper should be white A4 paper.
4- The paper must be 70GSM or above & quality should be executive bond quality; GSM is the measurement of the thickness of the paper.
5- Registration mark is must on every page of sahaj and sugam form. It should be on the left side with a space of 0.25” from the top and on the left side. (Picture attaches).

6- There are also the square dots on these forms sahaj and sugam and these the square dots is necessary on the printed forms as the size should be 0.32” left and top.
Full notification for the printing instructions of the forms sugam and sahaj is as under.
1.      SAHAJ and SUGAM Forms notified by CBDT are the simplest, technology enabled and  taxpayer friendly return forms. These have been designed to facilitate error free and faster digitization. This is expected to curtail processing cycle and expedite  issue of refunds. Taxpayers  are advised to follow steps enumerated below.
a.       SAHAJ and SUGAM forms are colored forms with standard features like registration marks, barcode etc.  Taxpayers are advised to collect the forms from Income Tax offices, Tax-melas, TRP’s and submit the same to the income tax department.
b.      Taxpayers can also download the forms from the website and print using a color printer on an A4 size white paper. It is advisable for taxpayer to set the properties in printing options to “fit to page” and print the forms on a good quality white paper.
c.       Taxpayers may  also  use the Fillable forms, being  made available by the department  shortly.
d.      The Acknowledgement copy [ITR-V Acknowledgement] to be retained by taxpayer may be printed in black & white.
2.      Printers and Software vendors are advised the following.
a.       In case, the private printers/vendors  want to deliver the forms and instructions to the public at large,  they can get the source file in Corel Draw format from Centralized Processing Center at no cost, by sending a request to “ Commissioner of Income Tax, Centralized Processing Center, “Prestige Alpha”, Hosur Road, Bangalore-560100”  or e-mailing at “itdcpc@incometaxindia.gov.in/msnethrapal@gmail.com”. Printers are advised to print the forms according to print specifications given in Annexure –A  & B.
b.      No approval is required from Income Tax Department for certification of printing software.

                                                        Print Specifications for Print Vendors
·         Key aspects of the forms are listed below
                                                               i.      Size of the paper should be A4 Sheet
                                                             ii.      Quality of the paper should be white paper of size 70GSM to 100GSM
                                                           iii.      The specifications of Registration marks, bar code position, elements position are as per the sample form enclosed in Annexure-B
                                                           iv.      Bar Code Specifications should be in Code 39 Format. The values of the barcode
·         SAHAJ
·   1201111A1C150000– Page 1
·   1201121D1T040000-Page 2
·         Schedule TDS1
·   S201112S4S300000
·         Schedule TDS2
·    S201113T5T310000
·         Schedule IT     
·   S201114R6R320000
·         Schedule TCS   
·    S201115U4U300000
·         SUGAM
·   4201111A1C130000-Page 1
·   4201121C14E60000-Page 2
·   4201131E7T040000 – Page 3
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