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KASHMIR: - People says it “The Heaven on the Earth”. It’s not only because it’s a old saying or the world has changed a lot as it has more destinations to enjoy travel like Malaysia, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland & many more. But Kashmir is still the same (almost) as we look it in 90’s.But it attracts many foreigners & Indians for it’s beauty. The natural beauty you’ll get in Kashmir you can’t find it any other palace.
Terrorism spoils the travel industry in Kashmir from the early 90’s to 2004 but now there is no threat any of the palaces and a peace wave is there.
Palaces to visit in Kashmir

1: Srinagar: - The capital of J&K of summer. It’s well known for the beauty of lakes. There are two lakes Dal & Nagin. Both are adjoining. The houseboats & shikaras (small boat) in the lake add to its beauty. Stay at houseboats is a pleasant experience & you will feel the hostage tradition of Kashmir. Chinar trees are the main attraction, which you will find only here in India. There are many more places to visit in Srinagar like
Three Mugal Gardens such as Shalimar bagh, Nishant Garden & Chasamashahi
Valley of flowers
Shankaracharya temple
Lal chowk
Pari mahal
Kheer bhawani
Srinagar is the main destination of Kashmir where all the facilities like good hotels air & road transport available at all time. You are advised to stay in Srinagar all the nights & in days you can cover all the surroundings.

2: Pahalgham: - If you travel Kashmir by road you needn’t go to Srinagar for going to Pahalgham. It’s just 57 kms. Away from Srinagar & the plain road no hill area whatsoever. Pahalgham is well known for the valley of flowers & a river, which has very high flow, & the river rafting is very adventures from here. It has many hotels if you want to stay here. Amarnath yatra in summer starts from here & Chandanwari you can go there anytime & find snow there.

3: Gulmarg: It’s called ‘Switzerland of the east’. It was the world highest gondola (Cable Car) higher than Mt. Titles of Switzerland. You will get full snow there anytime in summers too. Every winter it organizes winter sports such as skating etc.

4: Sonmarg: It’s also a cool palace full of snow & lush green valleys. It’s on the road of Srinagar-Kargil. It’s too much enjoying going to the road & visit there.

Apple, cherry, almonds, walnuts trees are in bulks there you can pick up fresh fruits from the trees there & taste you will know why the Kashmiris has so much glow on their face.
Many other places are for visit such as Jawahar Tunnel, Kheer Bhawani, & Anantnag.
But above all if you are Hindu & get a chance to go for Amarnath Yatra its optimum. I really can’t explain in my words.

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