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Petrol prices are increased to Rs. 5/litre on Saturday which will take effect from Sunday, May 15, 2011. Oil companies are saying that this is not enough and they are also planning to a second shock to the common man by increasing the second term in petrol prices. Well, this is not in our hands, but what we can do is to save the oil and save the money from the increased prices. There are some tips from which one can save the oil in the cars as well as bikes and scooter. It includes getting more mileage from the vehicle and implementing these tips will surely save the money and petrol.

Less drive less petrol: - This is well known and you will wonder, if this is a tip. But surely, try this. If you go nearby on a car, you can try it with a bicycle or a two wheeler. But the best is to walk. Now a days, there is no time for us to even think on go on foot, but remember for a simple man/women, it is recommended to walk at least 2-3 kilometer to be fit. Even one can use the bicycle as there is no matter of prestige, even big stars and millionaire ride the bicycle. We can see on T.V, Mr. Anil Amana and Mr. Amitabh ride the bicycle and do walk.

Go soft on the race paddle:- It is a tip, while driving the car, put your feet softly on the race paddle. The more hard your feet on the paddle, the more fuel the vehicle will take. Going softly on accelerate paddle will surely increase the fuel economy. There is no use of showing the pick up of the vehicle or be first to stop in the red light.

Avoid stop and go:- It’s a hard tip for the residents of big cities as there is so much traffic, one need to stop and go. But planning will do work. If there is a red light ahead one can plan and remove the foot from accelerate paddle, the vehicle will be slow, and who knows when we reach on the red light stop, it turns green and you need not to stop.

Tyre pressure:- Check on routine the pressure on tyres as well as alignment and wheel balancing. This is also effect the fuel economy of the vehicle.

More passengers more fuel:- Hard tip, but true. The more passengers in a car will impact the fuel economy. So if possible or in the hand try to make your vehicle lighter.

Servicing and repairing:- always service and repair your vehicle on time. It increases the fuel average as well as the life of the vehicle as well.

Choose the route:- in the tip, the Indians are favorite. Plan your route in which there is less traffic as well as less kilometer one need to drive.

Buy a more fuel efficient car:- One always think about the fuel option before buying a car, but if you have a petrol car giving you less mileage, one can convert it to CNG/LPG, which gives more average and less expensive.

RPM  meter:- there is an rpm meter in almost all the cars and in some bikes as well. Do you ever look or pay attention to it. It should not go beyond 2 in anytime you drive or ride your vehicle. If it goes, change the gear in upper mode or go soft on accelerate paddle.

Last line by me:- I have a Honda city giving me the average of 10 km/liter. I try to implement all these tips on my own and find the average between 13-14. Moreover earlier I refill my tank in 7 days with 30 liters, which takes me to 11 days in the same 30 liters. I am not an expert. If you have some other tips please comment on this page.
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