Apr 1, 2011


We often face the problems in the banks in India and mostly to the nationalized banks. There is a quote in India that the government employees don’t work. Yesterday I went to State bank of India for getting a statement of my current account, and with no rush whatsoever, they took 2 hours to give me the statement, and even more when I ask them rashly that will you give me the statement or not, then only a worm reptiles on their ears. I think many of us the same types of problems with the banks. What we can do?
The reply is simple either complaint them in the drop box with a letter and pen or write an email to the concerned authorities. But now when I found I got an interesting solution.
State bank of India which is the biggest bank in India having 130 million strong customer base has launched a SMS facility. If you are unhappy with the banking officials or the way, you need to send only a sms and your problem will be resolved in 48 hours, said a senior official of State Bank of India.

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  1. Please indicate the Number to which the SMS has to be sent