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 Government of India
Ministry of Commerce & Industry
Department of Commerce
Directorate General of Foreign Trade
Udyog BhawanNew Delhi

Policy Circular No. 24 (RE-2010)/2009-14                                                                Dated    22nd    February, 2011

               All Regional Authorities
               All Customs Authorities
               Member of Trade

Subject: Amendment to Serial No. 3(ii) of Policy Circular No. 20(RE-2010)/2009-14 dated 14.02.2011 regarding issuance of licences for Value Added Special Yarn/Technical Yarn.

            Serial No. 3(ii) of Policy Circular No. 20(RE-2010)/2009-14 dated 14.02.2011 had stipulated certain documents to be submitted to concerned RAs for issuance of export licence .  To facilitate expeditious issue of exportlicencesSl. No. 3(ii) of  Policy Circular No. 20(RE-2010)/2009-14 dated 14.02.2011 is amended as under[changes are being made in 3(ii) (b) & 3(ii) (c)]:

“3.        ………………….

(ii)  Export of  Value Added Special Yarn and Technical Yarn by the original manufacturers of such yarn:

Procedure to obtain export licence:- Concerned manufacturers only can apply. Licence to be obtained from concerned RA.  Applications must contain (a) ANF 2D  (b) Proof of export of such yarn during the previous two years i.e. FY, 2008-09 and FY, 2009-10 duly accompanied by copies of shipping bills showing export of such yarn(c) The custom authorities will draw necessary sample(s) at the time of shipment to be tested and thereafter shall send the test report to concerned RA to facilitate initiation of appropriate penal action under the provisions of FT(D&R) Act in case any deviation/misdeclaration  is detected/reported.  Export against thelicences so issued must be completed by 31.03.2011.”

            (iii)    ……………….

2.         The RAs are requested to send a daily report of the licences issued for the above categories addressed to hardeep.singh@nic.in and daya.shankar@nic.in. [Earlier weekly reports were mandated.]

3.         This issues with the approval of Director General of Foreign Trade.

 Hardeep Singh)
Joint Director General of Foreign Trade
E-mail: hardeep.singh@nic.in

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