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CBDT has released the revised discussion paper on draft DIRECT TAX CODE(DTC). After launching DTC paper on august 2009, income tax department got many responses and fter that on 15th of june 2010, CBDT has issued the revised discussion paper on Direct tax code. the main modification in the revised discussion paper and the old one is on MAT(minimum alternative tax)  and EET(exempt exempt tax).
The draft DTC along with the Discussion Paper was released in August, 2009 for public comments. The response from various stakeholders has been overwhelming and a number of valuable inputs have been received. CBDT has released the revised Discussion Paper on the draft Direct Taxes Code (DTC), which is being placed in the public domain to seek responses on the modified proposals. The major issues which have been addressed relate to Minimum Alternate Tax (MAT) on gross assets, tax treatment of savings - Exempt Exempt Tax (EET) vis-a-vis Exempt Exempt Exempt (EEE) basis, status of Double Tax Avoidance Agreements vis-a-vis the domestic law, the administration of the General Anti-avoidance Rule (GAAR), taxation of income from house property on a presumptive basis, tax treatment of capital gains and tax treatment of non-profit organizations, etc. The response on the revised Discussion Paper may be submitted electronically on the website 'http://finmin.nic.in' or may be sent to e-mail address 'directtaxescode-rev@nic.in' on or before 30th June, 2010.
DOWNLOAD new revised discussion paper on direct tax code

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