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Government starts new programme to teach school children about taxation

Government starts a new programme to teach the school goers about taxation and it's importance.

Government has decided to frame a communication strategy for school children in the age group of 10-12 years (Class V&VI) and 16-18 years (Class X to XII) to introduce them to the subject "Need for taxation in civil society". The key objective of the strategy is to prepare children to be responsible and compliant taxpayers when they grow up so that they willingly contribute towards nation building. With this programme, the Government wishes to reach out to future taxpayers at an early stage so as to have a far reaching impact on the outlook of children towards taxation.
The campaign is intended to be educative on the concept of taxation and to create curiosity and interest in the minds of young children. The topics could range from history of taxation, rationale for taxes, how the government raises revenue and spends it, role of government in society, and some basic calculations.

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