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Health Insurance Policy Mediclaim and Income Tax Rebate

Health Insurance Policy Mediclaim and Income Tax Rebate: "1- In the medicaim policy, the premium is based on age, means the more you younger less the premium and more you older high the premium. This is because it’s a high percentage of become ill or some disease in older age. Mediclaim policy has the routine of same premium upto 35 years and trends to increase the premium for upper ages.

2- In this mediclaim policy both individual as well as H.U.F can be covered in the mediclaim policy.

3- Entry age for Mediclaim:- mediclaim is available to the persons of 18 years to 59 years with these exeptions.

- any person can renew his/her mediclaim policy upto 80 years of age.

- Children who is above 3 months can be covered of his parents mediclaim policy after paying a bit high premium for covering the child."

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