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Excel based Chit fund Calculator and Profit and loss account

Now a days the committee system is very famous. in this system the group of people collects their money every month and give it to one to use. The person who uses the money can be chooses either by bid or to pick anyone. Once the member get money, he/she can't take money any another month and he/she need to pay the monthly installments regularly.

Moreover, One among the members is the leader of commitee who collects the money from all members and pay to the one who has the turn. For this regard,he will take the second/first instalment free of interest or any bid.
So in this system its very difficult to calculate the profit or loss to the committee as it was beneficial or not to take part in committee.
So i am presenting committee calculator for help you all. The features of this calculator as as follows.
To download the calculator go to Excel based Committee Calculator and Profit and loss account

Download Committee calculator 
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