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E-filing of VAT return is mandatory in Punjab

E-filing of Quarterly Punjab VAT Returns has been made compulsory for all taxable persons w.e.f. Quarter ending March 2010. The Punjab Excise & Taxation Department has issued a Public Notice in this regard,
"Quarterly returns for the fourth quarter of 2009-10 are due by 20th / 30th April, 2010. To save the time and harassment of stakeholders, the Department has provided the facility for filing of returns electronically by amending the Punjab VAT Rules, 2005 w.e.f. 29th May, 2008. The Department proposes to make e-filing compulsory for all the taxable persons w.e.f. the quarter ending 31.3.2010. ,
To save time and harassment of stakeholder, all the taxable persons are directed to get their passwords immediately from the AETC, District incharge where they are registered. The AETCs while granting Registration Certificate from now onwards will generate the password and hand over the same to the taxable person, alongwith the copy of Registration Certificate. "

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