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All About Permanent Account Number PAN

PAN permanent account number is the unique number issued by income tax department to individual, HUF, firm or companies. Income tax department also issue PAN card on which the permanent account number, holder name, a logo of Indian government are printed. Incase of individual PAN card the father’s name, date of birth and a picture of the PAN card holder as well as the signature of the holder also printed

Use of PAN card
If you think PAN cards only required for income tax purposes than this is not correct .for income tax purposes, only PAN number is required not the PAN card. Photocopies of PAN card is required in many places to prove your identity and some financial measure such as bank account opening, mutual fund application, for purchase of property, demat account etc.
How to apply for Pan Card:-
There are three options to apply for a new PAN card
  1. Know nearest Tin-fc to apply for a new pan card.
  2. Tin-PAN centers
  3. your nearest UTI pan application centre.
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All About Permanent Account Number PAN

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