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Mutual fund: - Mutual Fund is an investment entity that pools shareholder or unit holder funds and invests in various securities. The units or shares are redeemable by the fund on demand by the investor. The value of the underlying assets of the fund influences the current price of units. In India that corporate should register with SEBI.

SEBI (security exchange board of India) regulates all the Mutual Fund companies in India. The first Mutual Fund was Unit Trust of India in India that come in 1963, also known as UTI.
SEBI regulates all the mutual fund companies in India and time to time issue guidelines to them. SEBI regulates following guild lines.
- Mutual fund should be formed under a Trust.
- Mutual fund should be operated by assets management company (AMC).
- Mutual fund should set up their trustee and trustee companies.
- Mutual fund should have Board of Directors.
- Board of Directors and AMC are two different identity & legal rights.
- Net worth of AMC’s should be more than 5 crores.
- AMC’s need to get approval in company’s Memorandum & Article of association.
- Mutual fund companies should distribute minimum of 90% of its profits to the investors.
- Some of other guidelines also SEBI issue to the Mutual fund companies as well as AMC’s time to time.

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