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SBI New Service Charges Effective from June 1

From 1 June, get ready to pay Rs. 25 for each of the cash withdrawal done using ATM machine. After four such withdrawals in a month, the largest bank will levy different charges on withdrawals done at banks or State Bank's ATM or other bank's ATM.

In case the withdrawal is done at the branch then amount equal to Rs. 50 plus applicable service tax will be payable for each of the transaction. For withdrawals made at the banks' ATM, Rs. 10 plus service tax shall be charged. And for transaction executed atanother banks ATM, Rs. 20 plus service tax will be payable as service charges. Fund transfer routed through the IMPS channel which provides for 24x7 transfer facility shall also be charged depending upon the amount that is being transferred. 

For transfer upto Rs. 1 lakh, Rs 5 plus service tax will be charged; upto R. 2 lakh, Rs. 15 plus service tax will be charged; upto 5 lakh, Rs 25 plus service tax would be charged. 
SBI New Service Charges Effective from June 1

Soiled notes upto 20 notes with a value of not over Rs. 5000 shall be exchanged for free. However more units of notes, shall attract Rs. 2 on every note for the entire tendered amount plus service tax. For soiled notes amounting to over Rs. 5000, Rs. 2 for each of the note or Rs. 5 for every Rs. 1000 plus ST shall be charged. 

Cheque book issuance rates have also been revised; a cheque-book with 10 leaflets shall be available for Rs. 30 plus ST; cheque book with 25 leafs @ Rs. 75 plus ST and 50 leaf cheque book @ Rs. 150 plus ST.

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  1. Common man, sincerely earning his money has to pay for Mallya and alike along with corrupt bank officials created NPA. There is no respite for anyone, even single oaisa has to created in the bank account. It is loot.