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Latest FVU version 4.9 e-TDS software free download

Latest File validation utility FVU version 4.9 is launched on 19 December 2015 for e-TDS/TCS quarterly statements. This FVU 4.9 version is applicable from 19 December 2015. There are many new features added in FVU 4.9 which are as under.

 Remark ‘B’ is made applicable for Section code 194DA for Form 26Q, FY 2015-16, Q3 onwards.

Addition of challan (i.e. C9 correction) in correction statements:
As directed by Income Tax Department (ITD), addition of challan option (i.e. is C9 correction) has been made available for Central (i.e. deductor category ‘A’) and State Government (i.e. deductor category ‘S’), applicable only for statements pertaining up to FY 2012-13.

Mandatory to quote “Certificate number” for Form 26Q where the remark value selected as ‘B’:
- Applicable for statements which pertains to FY 2015-16, Q3 onwards.
- 10 digit alpha numeric value will be allowed under this field wherein first digit should be either ‘G’ (in case of 15G) or ‘H’ (in case of 15H) followed by 9 digit numeric value (For example, “G000000001” or “H000000001”).

This version of FVU is applicable with effect from December 19, 2015.
Download Latest FVU version 4.9
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