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Scrutiny assessment of the assessee engaged in mining

CBDT issued an instruction no. 14/2015 dated 14 October 2015 about  Framing of scrutiny assessments in cases of assessees engaged in the business of Mining. Full instruction is as follows.

Subject: - Framing of scrutiny assessments in cases of assessees engaged in the business of Mining -regarding-

The assessees engaged in the business of mining are required to file a Annual Return with Indian Bureau of Mines (IBM)(Form H-1 in case of Iron Ore mining and Form H-2 to H-8 in case of mining in other Ores). 

2. Follow-up enquiries, in regard to some of the companies which find mention in the report of the Justice M.B. Shah Commission of Enquiry, which was constituted by the Government to probe illegal Iron and Manganese Ore mining, shows that in some cases there were significant differences in figures regarding production and closing stock, as reported in the Annual Return filed with IBM vis-a-vis the details furnished in the Income-tax Return. 

3. In this context, I am directed to convey that while scrutinizing the cases of entities engaged in the business of mining, the Annual Returns filed with IBM by the respective assessees should invariably be obtained and compared with the details submitted to the Income-tax Department so as to ascertain whether any suppression of production and discrepancy in stock exists and further necessary action as per provisions of law may be taken. 

4. If significant discrepancies between the figures furnished to the mining authorities and the Income-tax Department for other years also come to the notice, then, necessary remedial measures may be taken for all the years concerned. 

5. This may be brought to the notice of all concerned for necessary compliance. 
(Ankita Pandey)

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