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New application e-biz for PAN,TAN,DIN, ESIC and EPFO

This joined up service enables the applicant to fill a common form for 'MCA-COI, CBDT-PAN, TAN, MoLE- ESIC and EPFO' services and the same is then routed sequentially to the respective department for processing.

While applying for these services, eBiz reference number is generated which is used by the applicant for further tracking of application.

Once the incorporation forms (INC-7, DIR-12 and INC 22) are sent to MCA, the Registrar of companies issues a certificate of incorporation (COI) to the effect that the company is incorporated under Company Act 2013. The Registrar also allots to the company a corporate identity number (CIN), which have a distinct identity for the company the same is visible to applicant on eBiz portal.

Once the COI is received in the eBiz account, the application for PAN and TAN will be automatically forwarded to CBDT department for processing. Once PAN and TAN are allotted to the applicant the same will be visible in his/her eBiz account.

Also, a link is shown to the applicant from where EPFO and ESIC services can be applied through eBiz. The common fields of ESIC and EPFO forms are prefilled using the information given by the applicant in COI forms and the output received by previous ministries (i.e. MCA and CBDT). User may log in his eBiz account and click on the link provided under status tab (Status of Joined Up Service COI - PAN -TAN - ESIC - EPFO) to apply for ESIC and EPFO registration services.

Name Availability letter of the proposed company
Director Identification Number
DSC (Digitally Signed Certificate) Registration of the applicant
MoA (Memorandum of Association) or AoA (Article of Association) of the proposed company
Affidavits and declarations as required in the INC7 form
Payment Details:-

Once COI forms (INC-7, DIR12, INC 22) are uploaded on eBiz portal the same are forwarded to MCA department. MCA generated SRN and Payment details and forwards the details to eBiz. The total fee of COI, PAN, TAN and eBiz transaction fee will be displayed to applicant on the invoice page. 
Applicant will be required to make the total payment for further processing of the application. 

Service Window:-
Applicant can apply for 'Joined Up Service COI - PAN -TAN - ESIC - EPFO' at any time of the year. 

Processing Steps:-
Application, once submitted will flow through the following status before the request is completed. Applicant can use this information to track the status of application. 
All forms generated*
Form Uploaded (for PAN and TAN)
SRN and Payment details
Payment pending
Payment Done Successfully
Payment Accepted
Resubmission required*
Resubmission Completed*
Certificate of Incorporation
In Progress with CBDT
Issue of Permanent Account Number
Issue of Tax deduction & Collection Account Number
Link to apply for ESIC and EPFO with prefilled forms

Note: Items marked with * are states in certain exception flows. Your application may not necessarily pass through these states during processing.

Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA),

Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT)

Employee Provident Fund Organisation(EPFO)

Employees' State Insurance Corporation (ESIC)

Banking Calculators GST

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