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How to see demand raised by AO in e-filing portal

CBDT now facilities assessee to view tax and computation sheet for demand raised by Assessing Officer AO in the e-filing portal. The procedure to view tax and computation sheet for demand raised by AO is as under.

  1. Login to e-filing portal at incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in
  2. Select e-filing response to outstanding tax demand.
  3. Click on download button next to demand amount to download the details in pdf format.
In case of demand raised by CPC or raised manually outside the system, assesssee needs to request for resend of intimation request or Jurisdictional Asseessing Officer respectively.

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  1. This is a VERY BIG BLUFF by CPC and TRF.to AO is the BIGGEST BLUFF. After CPC washes off its hand by stating "TRFD.TO AO" U can't do a damn thing. The Assessing Officer at your ITOffice NEVER EVER even looks at your DEMAND to REFER to FACTS and REVISE the DEMAND to REFUND. IT is a MOST FRUSTRATING EXERCISE in FUTILITY...even NAMO or ARUN JAITLEY cannot CONTACT the AO except on the strength of HUGE BRIBES...