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Cash payment under GST will be only 10000 Rs.

Joint Committee presented a report on business process for GST on GST registration. In this report the joint committee urges for extensive use of e-banking for GST payments. In this regard the committee suggests to cap Rs. 10000 for GST payment on cash counter. 

The payment processes under proposed GST regime should have the following features:

a) Electronically generated challan from GSTN Common Portal in all modes of payment and no use of manually prepared challan;

b) Facilitation for the taxpayer by providing hassle free, anytime, anywhere mode of payment of tax;

c) Convenience of making payment online;

d) Logical tax collection data in electronic format;

e) Faster remittance of tax revenue to the Government Account;

f) Paperless transactions;

g) Speedy Accounting and reporting;

h) Electronic reconciliation of all receipts;

i) Simplified procedure for banks;

j) Warehousing of Digital Challan.

8. With the above features in mind the following three modes of payment are proposed:
 a) Payment by taxpayers through Internet Banking through authorized banks and through credit card/debit card;
(Section 45 of RBI Act, 1934 permit banks other than RBI to be appointed as agency banks for carrying out government business. Agency banks are permitted to both receive and make payments on behalf of the Government and therefore act as Banker to respective governments. However, authorized banks are only permitted to receive payment of GST on behalf of the Government, and keeping this distinction in view, the expression ‘authorized bank’ is used throughout this Document.)

b) Over the Counter payment (OTC) through authorized banks;

c) Payment through NEFT/RTGS from any bank (including other than authorized banks).

9. Mode of payment described at b) above will be available for payments up to Rs. 10,000/- per challan only. Model GST law may have suitable provisions in relation to this. However, there should not be any IT system constraints for this i.e. the systems should be able to receive payments through all three modes irrespective of the amount. Other means of payment, such as payment by book adjustment as is presently being allowed by Government of India to some departments / State governments or payment by debit to export scrips, while paying tax would not be allowed. It is also noted that all taxpayers under Centre are paying taxes electronically and possibly the same situation
exists in some State Tax administrations. It is desirable that under the GST regime, all taxpayers should gradually move to internet payment over an indicative time frame. 

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