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Income tax forms 3CA 3CD in java format for AY 2014-15

The income tax department issued audit forms 3CA 3CD in java format for analysis year 2014-15 which will work both online and offline mode.
3CA 3CD forms
Audit report under section 44AB of income tax act 1961 in a case where the accounts of business or profession of a person have been audited under any other law.

  1. Attachment cannot exceed 50MB.
  2. Attachment must be in pdf or zip format.
  3. Attachment should be scanned with minimum 300dpi.
  4. wherever there is a requirement in the form to submit a signed copy of documents by an assessee/CA as an attachment, upload the scanned copy of same documents.
Checklist of documents and pre-requisites
  1. A copy of last year's tax return.
  2. Bank statements.
  3. TDS certificates.
  4. Saving certificates/Deduction.
  5. Interest statements showing interest paid to you throughout the year.
  6. Balance sheet, P&L accounts and audit report wherever applicable.
 How to run the application?
- Ensure that java version 1.7 or more is installed.(version can be identified by executing "java -version" command)
- Unzip and extract the files in the desired path/location.
To run in WINDOWS
Double click FORM.bat
Run from command prompt by executing "FORM.bat" (ensure that current working directory has the extracted files)

To run in LINUX
Change the FORM.sh file's permission, provide execution permission by executing the following command
> chmod 755 FORM.sh
run using the command "sh FORM.sh" or ./FORM.sh

Make sure that your java version is 1.7 (version can be identified by executing "java -version" command)
1. Extract the files to a directory. (Example:  D:\Utility)
2. Open command prompt
3. Change to the extraction directory (cd D:\Utility)
4. Type the following command :
<Path to java executable> -jar <jarFileName>

For example If your Java 7 Installation path is "C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre7" and you are opening FORM15CA then execute the following command
D:\Utility>"C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre7\bin\java" -jar FORM15CA_PR7.jar
Download forms 3ca 3cd in java format for AY 2014-15
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  1. This TDS regime is CHORI AUR SEENA JORI.It is worse than the JIZIYA of the MUGHALS.Even if you pay the TDS Demand U will still get LATE PAYMENT FEES,Interest on Late Payment,Late fees for DELAYED PAYMENT OF DELAYED PAYMENT FEES,;as also LATE PAYMENT OR FILING INTEREST and further LATE FEES for DELAYED Filing/Payment and so on and so forth...UNTIL the TAX PAYER realizes that HE IS THE SERVANT SUBSERVIENT to the so-called PUBLIC SERVANTS or the CPC TDS at GHAZIABAD of all the places...EVEN CHORS have to be paid for their work

  2. Please also publish a DUE DATES and DELAYED PAYMENT FILING CHART of FEES,INT. for the benefit of the un-initiated TAX PAYING DEDUCTORS for and on behalf of the SABSE BADA MAFIA...BHARAT SARKAR

  3. Awaiting the DELAYED PROPOSAL to allow online CORRECTION and TAGGING of TDS Challans to PAN NOS (without the help of CPC-that much work LESS for these chors)