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Assessee need to share cell no. and email id in IT returns

Assessee filing b their I-T returns this year will now need to share their email-id and cellular phone number with your tax department.

This Central Board of Direct Taxes ( CBDT), the administrative authority with the Income Tax section, has introduced the latest column in your I-T returns Forms trying for the tax filers private email-id and mobile number.

"The new step may be taken so as to communicate directly with the taxpayer intended for any issues coming up after the IT return are filed.

"This is really a step taken to help communicate better with the taxpayer and smoothen the process of ensuring reasonable refunds, " a new senior I-T policeman said.

Till at this point, the taxpayers needed to mention similar details of their CAs as well as tax filing helpers from the existing column trying for personal details with the filer.

In circumstance, a taxpayer alterations his CA as well as is not touching him, it had been found, any communication produced by the I-T towards the taxpayer used to help languish without.. reaching the desired person.

The section, which is going through issues of approaching refunds and guaranteeing other tax related information towards the taxpayer, has designed the brand new I-T forms so that in case there is emergency a duty officer could directly speak to the individual duty filer.

The new measures are implemented both regarding e-filers and guide filers of I-T return.

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  1. Assessees are aalready sharing their Incomes with the GOI. Now they want to share their Cell No and Email ID. Hope the GOI will not demand to share the WIVES of Assessees!